High Fructose Corn Syrup (A Natural Sweetner?)

This ingredient has become very controversial over the few years. The marketers in the food industry are actually trying to pass this cursed poison off as a “natural” sweetener because it comes from corn; however, the refining process that is necessary to convert corn to high fructose corn syrup creates something quite deadly. One article that I read called it the “new silent killer”. The food industry embraced this substance because it found the product cheaper to manufacture than table sugar.
I believe that high-fructose corn syrup is even worse than sugar. First, all of the corn syrup that is made starts off with genetically modified corn. Second, HFCS goes straight to the liver, causing significant fat buildup in the liver. It is also said that fructose interacts with birth control pills and can elevate insulin levels in women who use them. Fructose also inhibits copper metabolism, which leads to a bodily deficiency in copper. This can cause bone fragility, anemia, ischemic heart disease, and so many other problems. Please, Please, Please, read your labels and avoid this ingredient like the plague. Choose foods without this ingredient and when you're able make your own. It allows you more control over what your family eats.
My alternative for recipes that call for corn syrup would be brown rice syrup. It is a little expensive, but far better for your health.

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