Almond Milk; A Great Dairy Alternative!

This week I'm introducing varying products that serve as substitutes for dairy. Yesterday I wrote about Amande almond yogurt. Today's post features Silk almond milk. I've tried many different foods and diets over time, always with the intention of improving my health. I gave up drinking cow's milk almost 18 years ago, however I continued to eat cultured milk products such as yogurt, keifer, and yes I still had a weakness for cheese and an occasional ice cream. Oh and did I forget to mention my intermittant flings with cheesecakes? Now I'm really making a concerted effort to eliminate cow dairy from my diet and I know that I'm not alone if making this effort. There are many people out there who are lactose intolerant or vegan who are eliminating cow dairy from their diet.

As I mentioned previously, I stopped drinking cow's milk many years ago. This led me to seek out alternatives to cow's milk. The first and worst that I tried was powdered soy milk. I don't even remember the bland. I mean brand. ;-) It was awful though. I
only used it to bake my cornbread. My aunt introduced it to me when I first moved to California,and since I lived with her, that was pretty much my main option. Once I moved out on my own, I switched to soy milk in the carton. For some reason though, I
could never bring myself to enjoy soy milk. I'd bake with it, but wouldn't be caught dead dunking a chocolate chip cookie in it. That taste was just off to me. Further on in my quest for a suitable milk, I found rice milk. Specifically, I used Rice Dream brand. I liked it much better than soy milk, and I'd even dunk (an all natural)cookie in it. It was definitely an improvement from the soy milk for me.

Finally, when I was becoming more conscious about my carb intake, I discovered the joys of almond milk. It had less carbs, more protein and more calcium than rice milk. I was sold and have been driking almond milk ever since. I mostly use it for baking, and making smoothies. I rarely drink it alone, (except with cookies). However, whenever I do need to go cookie dunking, I can rest assured that Silk Almond Milk has a delicious and refreshing tast.

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