Another Great Dairy Alternative! Almond Dream Ice Cream

In an attempt to drastically reduce my dairy intake, while continuing to occasionally satisfy my ice cream cravings, I found a pretty good substitute. It comes in a very small container, so for those of us who are trying to shed a few pounds, you wont have to worry about getting too carried away. ;-)

Almond Dream ice cream is put out by the same company that makes Almond Dream (the beverage), Rice Dream (the beverage) and the non dairy frozen dessert, and the Soy Dream line of products as well. I've tasted all of these frozen desserts and I have to say that between the three of these, Almond Dream wins hands down. The Almond Dream dessert comes in a few flavors such as chocolate,vanilla, praline crunch, and cappuccino swirl. By far my favorite flavor is praline crunch. It has the best flavor and reminds me of my favorite ice cream that I used to endulge in at Baskin&Robbins, pralines and cream.

So if you're going dairy free, but really miss your occasional ice cream, treat yourself to Almond Dream frozen desserts. I've tried many ice cream substitutes, such as Rice Dream ice cream and Soy Dream ice cream, however this one is the best one that I've tasted.

You may go to the Almond Dream website to learn more about their products.

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