Dairy Alternatives: Almond Cheese (Lisanatti Foods)

To wrap up my reports on almond "dairy", I'd like to do a review on almond cheese. This is actually the first time that I've ever eaten almond cheese. I figured however, that since I've blogged about almond yogurt and almond milk a post on almond cheese would make the series complete. Surprisingly enough, I found the almond cheese to be "not too bad." Since it was in the mozzarella style, which is fairly bland anyway, the almond mozzarella wasn't far off from the real thing. Almond mozzarella cheese was close to passing my taste test as being a satisfactory alternative to cow dairy cheese.

The real test however would come later on in the evening when I would make my all natural, gluten free, tomato free, meat free and dairy free pizza. Yes I went into the kitchen to make my ultimate pizza, and I wanted to see how this almond "cheese" would fair with the melting test. Once I made my pizza I discovered that the almond cheese did melt. However, dont expect the ozzey gooey type of melting that you'd expect from regular mozzarella cheese. This cheese is far less melty than that. I believe however that this cheese will serve as a decent alternative for mozzarella made from cow dairy. Almond cheese does pass the test!

If you are interested in trying almond cheese stay tuned to my blog, and I'll post a nice pizza recipe later on this week!

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