5 Halal Healthy Foods You Need During Pregnancy

So you're expecting a new addition to your family. Your bundle of joy is coming; the light of your eyes. Subhanallah! You want everything to be perfect for your baby, and second only to growing up to be a good Muslim, you want your baby to have good health. When I was planning to have my first baby, I did alot of reading and studying about what needs to be done in preparation. Exercising and eating well, helps to lend to our children having optimum health. Below are 5 of the most healthy halal foods that you can eat for the health of you and your baby.

1. Dates-

During pregnancy most women experience bloating and contipation due to the fact that the enlargement of the uterus causes the other organs to become cramped and smashed. This in turn causes digestion problems and constipation for the pregnant woman. Dates is an excellent remedy for these intestinal annoyances. Moreover, being rich in iron, dates prevent anemia in mother and child. It is also believed that dates impart good memory and intelligence to the developing fetus. As if these benefits weren't enough, it has been noted that dates facilitate child birth by strengthening the uterus. Eat these plain or with peanut butter, or even stuffed with cream cheese, or tahini.

2. Yogurt-

Yogurt is a nutritional power house. It provides both your body and your baby with much needed folic acid, calcium, protein, and probiotics which aid in cleaning the intestinal tract and facilitating food digestion. Eat plain yogurt along side your meals, make in a salad dressing, or eat with fresh fruit, and granola for a healthy snack.

3. Lean Halal Protein Sources-

Firstly if you are going to eat meat, you should make sure your meat is halal. Start your pregnacy off right by eating what is halal, tahir and tayyib. Make sure the meat is zabihah/halal. Protein is a necessary nutrient for your body and your babies body. You don't want yours or your baby's muscle development and maintanance compromised. Also small bits of meat protein will help to keep nausea at bay. Try making or purchasing halal beef, chicken or fish jerky and keeping it stored away for those times when you're feeling less than top notch. This way you wont have to worry about getting up and cooking for yourself. Also great for when you're out and about and need a good boost of protein.
If you're vegetarian no worries; beans, nuts and soy products (especially tempeh) can get you by. However I'd advise at the very least an egg or two or maybe some fish occasionally if you are having severe nausea during pregnancy. Lentils are so nutritious; they're packed with folic acid, protein, and vitamin B6. All key nutrients needed during pregnancy. Nuts will provide vitamin E which is needed for healthy brain development.

4. Broccoli-

Broccoli is nutrient dense with vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid. Broccoli is great raw with a homemade veggie dip, or chopped up in a tossed salad. Broccoli is also excellent in stir fry dishes, broccoli soup and broccoli casseroles. Broccoli is great for both mommy and baby.


Oats contain lots of vitamin B, iron and many important minerals. Not to mention that oats help to lower the blood pressure and blood sugar. Many women suffer from high blood pressure or high blood sugar during pregnancy causing toximia or gestational diabetes. Oats can help to reduce the chances of women encountering these health problems. Oats can be made into a delicious hot cereal like porridge, topped with pure maple syrup, fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and/or coconut milk to add more nutritional value to it. Also oats can be made into tasty granola, (there's a great recipe for it here on my blog), granola bars, or even a nice gluten free bread.

So, rejoice in your pregnancy! Thikr and read Quran often, to develop you and your babies spiritual well being. And endulge in the good foods that Allah has provided for you so that you both can benefit by having healthy bodies and minds.

Karemah Alhark


  1. Thanks for sharing. Good post. Foods to eat during pregnancy is very important. Beans, salmon, low-fat-yoghurt, eggs, nuts should be included in diet.

  2. Asalamu Alaykum Sis.

    I agree that the above mentioned foods should be included. I'm sure that there are many more that you could include as well. I love yogurt and it helps with heartburn. Salmon is already included in the list.
    Jazakallah Khayr

  3. Beans were included in the list as well, under lean protein.

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