Dairy Alternatives

You know, recently I've been out and about trying new foods to help me along with my new diet. I went to visit the iridologist last week and he gave me an interesting overview of my health based on viewing my blood and looking into my eyes. If you can get up some money to visit an iridologist, I'd highly recommend it. So interestingly enough, he referred me to the Eat Right for Your Type diet, by D'adamo, which I was highly familiar with already. That was one of the first diets that I've ever really tried to follow, and I do remember liking the results that I got from that diet, however for some reason I didn't stick with it beyond a year. Probably because of the expense. I followed a few more diets later on in life to include Atkins, which and initially got good weight loss results with, but never felt quite natural eating so much meat.

Now I'm returning to my roots. For my blood type (A) I'm encouraged to follow a much more vegetarian type diet, which is cool because I felt that I was headed in that direction any way. I had already implemented my live food only Fridays and vegetarian night on Thursday. My body felt as though it was calling for less meat.

For those of you who are also suffering from allergens or have special diets, I will be trying some interesting new products and recipes and I'm sure that many of you will be able to put my reviews and article to good use.

This weeks feature is dairy alternative. Yes dairy is something that I have to greatly reduce in my diet. As an African American woman and a person who has type A blood, I have to limit my dairy. Now quite honestly that's a bit of a switch because I love yogurt and cheese. Milk I don't really drink anyway, as I switched over to almond milk years ago.

The product being featured here is almond milk yogurt. The almond milk has been cultured to provide you an alternative to dairy milk yogurt. The price wasn't too bad at $1.49 here in a San Diego health food chain called Sprouts. (Formerly known as Henry's) The flavor is a little different than what most are used to for yogurt. I'd say that it is an acquired taste and may take some getting used to. However, I could get used to it as it is not a "bad" taste. Almond yogurt is healthy for you not only because of the high calcium content of almonds, but also because you get the benefits of the probiotics that are present in yogurt, without the allergic reactions that cow's milk tends to cause.

Overall I'd say that the Amande (cultured yogurt) was worth the try. The flavor was a bit bland, but a substitute that is worth trying if you are highly allergic to dairy but desire to eat yogurt. Try the raspberry flavor, I like that one the best.

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  1. For more information on Amande yogurt go to their website at www.amandeyogurt.com