Cranberries, not Just for Sauce Any More!


These tart little berries pack a powerful punch. Super high in anti-oxidants, cranberries are believed to protect cells from free radical damage. It also has been discovered that due to the high vitamin c content in cranberries, they are affective in reducing plague and periodontal disease. Ofcourse the most commonly believed benefit of cranberries, especially the juice, is that of preventing and healing urinary tract infections. Preliminary research also suggests that cranberries may lower the bad cholesterols (LDL) in the blood, while raising the good ones (HDL). They may also drastically impede and prevent the growth of tumors. So pop some of these power berries into your muffins, granola, rice dishes, trail mixes and salads. Alternatively, you may decide to have a nice cold glass of 100% sugar free cranberry juice or cranberry juice blend. Either way your body will love you for it!


  1. Thanks for the info, I have always loved cranberry sauce! I knew it had some good benefits to it :) its funny because I planned on getting some cranberry juice today!

  2. Ma'shallah Sis. Cranberry juice has great health benefits. If possible try to get 100% cranberry juice without all of the added sugar, high fructose and corn syrup. Some cranberry "cocktails" have lots of added sweetners. It's expensive and has a stronger taste, but is more healthy for you.