Prelaunch of Halal Healthy Meals

HHM Bookcover, This is our Halal Cookbook!  It has over 150 delicious halal recipes from around the world!  You may purchase a copy at

Asalamu Alaykum,

Well you've benefited from the free halal recipes and dietary tips. Now you can get even more halal recipes, more information, and healthy tips from the book. Inshallah we will be pre-launching the book Halal Healthy Meals. The pre-lauch will take place on this Wednesday, July 13th, only on our facebook business page. In order to participate in the free book giveaway you must like our page and submit your email information at
Also as a recipient of a free book you will be asked to submit a testimonial for the book Halal Healthy Meals to me.

We're looking forward to seeing you on the page.


  1. When do we eat?? I am so ready to dig in!!! InshaAllah!

  2. Ma'shallah! You may begin eating, soon after you get your book. ;-)
    Sorry I'm replying so late. I never could really figure out how to comment on my own blog. Lol!