Best Brown Rice


Brown Rice is a staple in my family's diet. I it a nourishing food rich in fiber, manganese, magnesium, and selenium. Brown rice is said to be good for the heart, it lowers cholesterol and also said to help you lose weight. There are many other benefits as well. So replace the white rice with a healthier alternative. (And a tastier one two)

Basic Brown Rice
2 Tbsp butter, beef fat, or olive oil
3 cups brown rice
6 cups water
1. Sauté the brown rice in the fat for a couple of minutes. Add the water and bring to a high boil. Continue to boil the water until it is level with the rice.
2. After the water has boiled down to the top of the rice, put the lid on the pot and turn the heat to low. Let the rice cook on low for 1 ½-2 hours. Serves 6-8

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