Goats Milk Anyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I featured almond milk products as an alternative for cow dairy products. Today I'd like to present goat dairy products as a nutritious alternative for those who find cow's dairy to be difficult to digest. I became familiar with goat dairy, approximately twelve years ago when my son Musa began having seizures. That period of time was very interesting for me, as it lead me on a quest for healing foods and improved eating habits. A homeopath told me to give my son lots of "good" fats as it would help to repair the brain trauma that seizures caused. Musa at that time was not only having problems with seizures, but he was very susceptible to respiratory infections as he had experienced a very frightening case pneumonia. All of this and he wasn't even 5 years of age. He was a pretty sickly little kid. However after my visit with the homeopath, and reading a few books, (The Ketogenic Diet, and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) Musa was on the way to improved health. One of the first things I discovered that I had someone who lived very close to me that was willing to sell their extra milk and I rapidly became her regular customer.

The fat molecules in goats milk are said to be a lot smaller than those of cow's milk, which in turn makes it a lot easier to digest. Many people who are intolerant of lactose, or milk protein find goats milk to be easier to consume.
Some rationalize that a goat is closer to the size (weight) of human beings than cows, so it makes sense to drink from goats and sheep, rather than bovine animals. All theory and speculation aside, for me and my family we saw a huge difference when we laid off of the pastuerized cow dairy and switched to raw goat's milk. We experienced a drastic decline in colds and illness. We were considerably healthier over all. Less colds and illness meant a happier more energetic household. Ofcourse this was not due adding goat's milk exclusively. We changed our diet in other ways as well. But this, I believe was definitely one of the most important changes that we made; right up there with drastically reducing our gluten intake.

Once I tasted goats milk I was in love it, and it quickly became a household staple. Quite honestly I prefer the flavor of good goat's milk to many of the other cow dairy alternatives, however it's just so hard to find a local raw milk supplier these days. Most of the farms that I used to purchase from have given up all but enough goats to supply milk for their own families. Many have said the cost to keep the goats is just too high.

I have recently rediscovered my love for goat's milk, however I've been drinking the pastuerized milk products from a local health food chain. Inshallah I intend to give a call again to see if I can find another raw milk source, soon. I just prefer it because the raw milk still has the active enzymes intact, which allows the dairy to be even more digestible. However the main brand of goat's milk that I have presented in this blog is Redwood Hill Farm. As I mentioned, previously I only drank raw goats milk and I would recommend you to purchase this if you can find a reliable and trustworthy source. You don't just buy raw goat's milk from anybody however. It needs to be purchased from a reputable, clean and healthy farm. But if you can not fnd a good source of raw milk or if it is illegal to purchase and sell raw milk in your state then this company is good. The milk has a wonderful taste and it's not "goaty" tasting. Redwood Hill sells goat's milk, keifer and yogurt. The yogurt I found to be pretty pricy at $2.19 per 8oz. cup, so I only purchase that as an occasional treat. The yogurt is very flavorful and not bland at all. I also enjoy the keifer in smoothies or plain.

I have several companies that I purchase my goat cheese from and there are many types to choose from. I find Trader Joe's to be one of the best suppliers of goat cheese and they have many varieties. Their prices are very reasonable compared to some of the other stores in my area.

Goat dairy still may not be an alternative for those who are severely lactose intolerant. However for those who are only slightly dairy sensitive, goat's milk can be a wonderful alternative which neither sacrifices nutrition, variety, nor flavor.

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